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Global Macro Scoreboard and Asset Heatmap: July 16, 2018


The US Special Counsel's latest indictment and the Trump-Putin meeting drove global interest in Russian electoral interference this week.

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The NATO Reaction

Signals show that Trump's summit performance shook allies, piqued Russian interest.


At last week's NATO Summit, President Trump confounded transatlantic allies. He castigated European nations for free-riding, criticized Angela Merkel for letting Germany become “ca...

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Istanbul Terror Risk Rising

After Erdogan's swearing in, climbing predictive signal points to higher likelihood of terrorism.


A Predata predictive signal indicates that Istanbul faces heightened risk of a terrorist incident within the next month. The signal, which anticipates the likelihood of a terror-re...

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Bagram Security Threat

Our predictive signal suggests risk of an attack on or near Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan is elevated through the middle of July.

Bagram AB

A signal anticipating major security incidents around Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan hit its highest level in over nine months on June 22nd. This spike indicates the risk of an att...

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The Real Russian Terror Threat

Despite a murky car-ramming in Moscow, a predictive signal suggests terrorism risk is rising in St. Petersburg.


On Saturday, a taxi driver abruptly jumped a crowded Moscow sidewalk and crashed into several pedestrians. Eight were injured, and the man, a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, was taken into ...

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Kim on Sure Footing at the Summit

Signals suggest a favorable context for the North Koreans in Singapore


On the eve of the Trump-Kim Summit, Predata signals capturing patterns of web traffic reveal a North Korean regime secure in its place and an expert community skeptical that the hi...

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Jerusalem Terror Risk Rising

In the wake of the US embassy relocation, likelihood of terrorism remains high.


The fallout from the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem on May 14 has rocked the Gaza Strip. Just yesterday, Hamas and IDF forces exchanged cross-border rocket and mortar fire, marki...

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When Will Venezuela Crack?

A divided opposition did capture online attention, but predictive signals favor the status quo.


Long before Sunday’s vote, Venezuela’s presidential election was a fait accompli. Nicholas Maduro, who has become more autocratic the deeper the country falls into crisis, banned m...

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Israel-Iran Tensions Rising

Israeli digital concern, predictive signals point to heightened risk of escalation.


Two days after President Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, conflict between Israel and Iran flared. Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria fired rocket...

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Global Macro Scoreboard and Asset Heatmap: May 8, 2018

Nuclear issues once again dominated global audiences' attention, though Italian politics is resurgent amidst government uncertainty.

Global Macro Scoreboard and Asset Heatmap - May 8, 2018

1. Nuclear issues continued to captivate global audiences, the impending recertification of the Iran Deal chiefly among them. Predata's signal measuring Iranian interest in their n...

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Inauguration Number What?

Protests across the country ahead of Putin's inauguration made their mark online in spite of reduced turnout.

Navalny protesting in March 2017

This past weekend, Russian interest in opposition movements and themes matched levels observed around other major protests. Opposition firebrand Alexey Navalny called for a day of ...

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