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Global Macro Scoreboard and Asset Heatmap: August 28, 2018


Venezuela's historic currency devaluation resonated across the global internet this week.

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Moon Goes North

Despite hype surrounding inter-Korean summit, signals indicate tepid expectations for a major breakthrough.


Hopes are high for the third meeting between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang this week. Some North Korea watchers took an offici...

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In Trade War, Chinese Signal No Retreat

Heightened interest in a beachside resort could signify public support for the Party in the face of the tit-for-tat with the US.


Every summer, usually sometime in August, top Chinese Communist Party leaders disappear from public view to gather in the seaside resort town of Beidaihe for a secret conclave. Las...

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Russia's Eastern Games

Largest military drills since the Cold War may provide the backdrop for international adventurism.


Russian military forces were put on high alert across the country, from the Baltic to the Pacific, and the first Chinese warplanes landed in the Urals last week ahead of Russia's l...

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SecurityLatin America

Caracas Starts To Crack

With revenue sources vanishing, the military may take matters into its own hands.


As Venezuela has plunged deeper into crisis, President Nicolas Maduro has managed to keep his grip on power in large part by placating key elements of Venezuela's military. General...

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SecurityMiddle East

The Gulf Widens

Ongoing protests in Iran and rising regional security tensions point to a fraught near-term situation in the Persian Gulf.


After protests over desperate economic conditions flared in Iran over the last two weeks, a Predata anticipatory signal suggests unrest is likely to continue. As the chart below sh...

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Security Risk Rises in Pakistan

After major attacks during the election campaign, the risk of a major incident is rising.


After his party swept into power for the first time in a general election on July 25, cricket star turned likely prime minister Imran Khan faces a daunting list of challenges. Paki...

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The Gulf Heats Up

After provocative words from Rouhani and Trump, further escalations may come.


In the early morning hours Monday, President Trump took to Twitter to warn Iran of “severe consequences” if it threatened the United States. The tweet — which seemed exceptionally ...

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The NATO Reaction

Signals show that Trump's summit performance shook allies, piqued Russian interest.


At last week's NATO Summit, President Trump confounded transatlantic allies. He castigated European nations for free-riding, criticized Angela Merkel for letting Germany become “ca...

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Istanbul Terror Risk Rising

After Erdogan's swearing in, climbing predictive signal points to higher likelihood of terrorism.


A Predata predictive signal indicates that Istanbul faces heightened risk of a terrorist incident within the next month. The signal, which anticipates the likelihood of a terror-re...

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SecurityMiddle East

Bagram Security Threat

Our predictive signal suggests risk of an attack on or near Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan is elevated through the middle of July.

Bagram AB

A signal anticipating major security incidents around Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan hit its highest level in over nine months on June 22nd. This spike indicates the risk of an att...

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