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The Yearly Foreword

Predictive Analytics for Geopolitical Risk

To start the new year, Predata has examined trends from 2018 to reveal what will be most important to track in 2019.

Concern over the escalating US-China trade war dogged the US economy in 2018. After agreeing to a temporary truce on the sidelines of the G20 on December 1, Presidents Trump and Xi...

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Hong Kong Sparks Taiwan Volatility

Online activity related to cross-strait relations spikes amid extradition bill protests.


Over the past week, more than a million Hong Kong residents have taken to the streets to oppose a bill that would allow the extradition of Hong Kong residents to the Chinese mainla...

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The Trade War Enters a New Phase

Digital indicators suggest observers are bracing for a protracted, uncertain conflict.


This month, the US-China trade war escalated. After talks broke down, Washington announced it would impose additional tariffs on Chinese goods and it effectively banned Huawei, the...

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An Uncertain Era

Amid the coronation of a new emperor, fears about the future of the Japanese economy are surfacing


Today, Emperor Akihito, who is 85, becomes the first Japanese emperor in two centuries to abdicate. To commemorate the enthronement of his son, Japan will hold a 10-day holiday, co...

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Surmounting the Impasse

Signals show momentum for diplomatic progress may be building in Korea


Since the late February Hanoi summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim ended in impasse, negotiations on the Korean peninsula have reportedly been stalled. Two Predata signa...

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In China, Corporate Debt Jitters

Patterns of digital interest surrounding HNA Group may reflect growing concern.


Global equities markets leapt yesterday after the release of data showing Chinese manufacturing had grown unexpectedly, easing fears of a global economic slowdown. At the same time...

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Market Intelligence In Depth: US and China up Geopolitical Pressure, Inch Towards Deal

Talks progress despite geopolitical posturing in Europe and the Pacific


This is a highlight from one of the daily global markets briefings Predata sends to financial markets clients each morning. To learn more about becoming a Predata client, click her...

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The Yield Curve Inverted

But that might not be reason to panic.


There has been reason for pessimism in markets recently. Last week, the Fed issued unexpectedly dovish rates guidance, saying it would likely not hike interest rates this year. Wea...

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The Limits of Hatred

The White nationalist gunman who killed 50 in Christchurch triggered worldwide interest in far-right movements and their ideological underpinnings -- but not significantly.


The attack on two New Zealand mosques by a White supremacist gunman that left 50 dead sparked an uptick in online interest in far-right movements worldwide. The shooter, a 28-year-...

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Nukes on the Table

As second summit approaches, denuclearization is in the spotlight.


At the end of last week, US officials were in Pyongyang and Seoul for discussions in the lead-up to a second summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un planned for Feb...

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New Year, Same Complaint

Chinese intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer are salient issues as the trade agreement deadline looms.


Today, China begins a weeklong holiday to mark the beginning of the Year of the Pig. But trade negotiators will find little time to rest, as less than a month remains until a March...

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