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Global Macro Scoreboard and Asset Heatmap: August 28, 2018


Venezuela's historic currency devaluation resonated across the global internet this week.

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This Means (Trade) War

Online observers appear to perceive the Trump Administration's tariffs on steel and aluminum as a new phase of protectionism.


The Trump Administration's decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum drove global online interest in protectionism last week. The White House has threatened protectionist ac...

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MarketsMiddle East

Getting Ahead of Commodity Price Moves

Social media information related to major geopolitical events can inform trading strategies for aluminum, platinum, oil and more.


Geopolitical risk can have an outsize impact on commodities. Predata tracks millions of relevant social media data points to glean insights into potential market-mov...

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Global Macro Scoreboard: Iran-Saudi Rivalry, Bitcoin, Oil Markets

Global online audiences were drawn to the Iran-Saudi Rivalry, as the Kingdom targets Hezbollah; Bitcoin, which had a roller-coaster week; Oil Markets, affected by uncertainty in Saudi Arabia and Venezuela; the Qatar Blockade, as another Tehran-Riyadh flashpoint; and the North Korea Crisis, which has devolved to name-calling.


1.) The Iran-Saudi Rivalry accounted for the greatest share of increased online attention this week. After apparently coercing the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Harir...

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Weekly Asset Heatmap: Oil

Many commentators believe oil will remain at $50-$60 into 2018. Yet, variables abound. Our signals suggest a big move in the price of WTI and Brent this month.


A rise in our WTI and Brent signals suggest a big move in oil markets within the next month....

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Xi's China: What Dreams May Come

With the 19th Chinese Communist Party National Congress to be held sometime this autumn, Predata examines what certain economic and geopolitical components of Xi Jinping's hallmark ideology of the past five years — the “Chinese Dream” — have meant for political volatility and markets.

communist congress

After becoming Communist Party chief and leader of the People’s Republic in 2012, Xi Jinping began popularizing the slogan the “Chinese Dream” ( 中国梦). The Dream is the great rejuve...

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Global Macro Scoreboard: Xi Hits the Beach

This week, market attention turned toward the upcoming Chinese Communist Party Congress, oil production, and NAFTA renegotiations.


China's National Congress: Beach PartyOnline interest in the upcoming National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party fell this week, as leaders vanished from public view for a su...

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