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The Khashoggi Fallout


Digital scrutiny of Saudi economy and reform agenda remains high after killing of dissident journalist.

For nearly three weeks, the killing of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi has dominated the news cycle and produced a powerful and persistent international backlash. Predat...

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In China, Signs of Financial Strain

Signals for corporate default risk, capital outflow point to credit-related stress.


Market observers have long been worrying about the risk of a Chinese credit crunch. Now, two of Predata’s early warning signals of financial stress inside the PRC are elevated -- t...

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How Far Will Argentina's Tempest Blow?

A Predata index suggests it's not time to panic yet.


Foul winds have been whipping through emerging markets. After the Turkish lira plunged last month triggering falls in European markets, the collapse of the Argentine peso has unlea...

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Global Macro Scoreboard and Asset Heatmap: May 8, 2018

Nuclear issues once again dominated global audiences' attention, though Italian politics is resurgent amidst government uncertainty.

Global Macro Scoreboard and Asset Heatmap - May 8, 2018

1. Nuclear issues continued to captivate global audiences, the impending recertification of the Iran Deal chiefly among them. Predata's signal measuring Iranian interest in their n...

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Signals Point To Big Downward Move in USDJPY

Though the Bank of Japan has affirmed it will maintain ultra-loose monetary policy, our FX signals suggest that a sudden appreciation in the yen against the dollar is on the horizon.


Predata signals related to the Bank of Japan suggest that a big, unexpected gain in the yen against the dollar may be forthcoming, as market expectations about the future of BOJ qu...

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Weekly Asset Heatmap: Lebanon, Bahrain

With Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ramping up the regional power struggle with Iran, the Lebanese economy is walking a tightrope. And recent anomalies in Predata signals suggest traders are keeping a close eye on the possibility of a currency devaluation in Bahrain.


Lebanon is a developing economy. And yet for each of the last four years, its GDP has grown by less than 2%. Though desperate to alleviate one of the world's worst debt-to-GDP rati...

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Global Macro Scoreboard: Germany, China, France

Online attention to both German Elections and EU Reform rose, U.S.-China trade concerns resurfaced, Macron's online interest benefits as faith in other Western heads of state falters.


1. German Elections topped the Global Macro Scoreboard this week after coalition talks between Angela Merkel's CDU, the liberal FDP, and the Greens failed. Increased attention to E...

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Weekly Asset Heatmap: Germany, Great Britain

Our analysis suggests Merkel is on shaky ground, and a big move may be coming in the pound.


The Free Democratic Party (FDP) walked out of coalition talks Sunday due to reported divisions over energy, tax policy, and asylum-seekers. Predata’s signals that capture online Ge...

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Weekly Asset Heatmap: Bitcoin

Spikes in online interest in bitcoin tend to precede price gains, and the President seems poised to nominate Jerome Powell as fed chair.


The Bitcoin Boom: What Lies Beneath...

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Weekly Asset Heatmap: Federal Reserve

Online audiences are focusing their attention on Jerome Powell and John Taylor. But regardless of who Trump chooses to chair the Fed, our predictive signals point to increased volatility in the DXY and U.S. 10-yr yields.


Predata's signals measuring online interest in the main Fed chair candidates comports with market expectations....

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Weekly Asset Heatmap: Sweden

Our signals suggest concerns over a slowing housing market could trigger big moves in the krona and Swedish 10-yr yields.


Our Riksbank signals suggest big moves in the krona and Swedish 10-yr yields may occur in the next 30 days....

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