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Global Macro Scoreboard and Asset Heatmap: April 23, 2018


Geopolitical risks related to oil -- chief among them, Venezuela -- captured global interest last week, as both Brent and WTI are poised for big moves.

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Global Macro Scoreboard: Breaking Brexit

With the future of Brexit and EU Reform at inflection points, expectations are high for this week's European Council summit.


At this week's European Council summit, EU leaders were supposed to give the Commission the green light to proceed to the next phase of Brexit negotiations. Instead, after the fift...

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Global Macro Scoreboard: Will Trump's Fury Lead to War?

Market concern over the North Korea crisis skyrockets on president's bellicosity; Kenyan election, Chinese debt, and EU reform also draw interest.


Sound and Fury, Signifying...Something?This week, President Trump's off-the-cuff threat to rain “fire and fury and frankly power” on North Korea -- which responded with it's own th...

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