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Global Macro Scoreboard and Asset Heatmap: April 16, 2018


U.S.-led strikes against Syrian government chemical weapons facilities drove global concern over oil markets and escalating conflict in the Middle East.

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Are the Tories About to Blow It?

The polls are tightening, but the great upset is not necessarily on — yet.

corbs crowd

THE POLLS are tightening, the pound is taking a beating, and one constituency-by-constituency YouGov survey even suggests the Tories, long slated for a landslide victory in next Th...

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The Tories Are Wobbling their Way to Victory

The Manchester bombing has disrupted the election campaign precisely at the point Labour was starting to gain momentum.

corbyn 5/25/17

"LOW KEY" campaigning resumes today following the two-day pause observed by all parties in the wake of the Manchester bombing. The attack will affect the rhythm and tone of the cam...

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