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Global Macro Scoreboard: Venezuela, North Korea, Italy


With online audiences returning from the winter holidays last week, interest in several global macro issues increased, notably the Venezuelan Crisis, North Korea, Italian Financial Risk, Oil Markets, and NAFTA.

1. Online attention to crisis-stricken Venezuela rose this week, as government and opposition leaders met in the Dominican Republic. The talks failed to produce an agreement, but n...

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Chaebol Reform Tops Public Interest in Economic Plan

South Koreans are eager to see the new government take on the impenetrable mega-conglomerates.

Chaebol Flag

On Tuesday, newly-elected President Moon Jae-in released a five-year economic plan. It promised a "complete paradigm shift" that includes expanding the social safety net, increasin...

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Has China Lost Interest in Pyongyang's Provocations?

North Korea's recent ICBM tests rattled the United States, but reaction in China's online community was muted.

Low Chinese Interest in ICBM Launches

In two July tests, North Korea proved it has the capability to hit the continental United States with a ballistic missile. Alarm bells sounded in the West. But in China, by the mea...

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