Global Macro Scoreboard

Global Macro Scoreboard: January 14

With online audiences returning from the winter holidays last week, interest in several global macro issues increased, notably the crisis in Venezuela, North Korea, and Italian financial risk.


Online attention to crisis-stricken Venezuela rose this week, as government and opposition leaders met in the Dominican Republic. The talks failed to produce an agreement, but negotiators said they would meet again on January 18. Our volatility signals show that online audiences in Venezuela are showing less interest in the political talks than they are in the dire economic situation.


The North Korea Crisis also received greater attention this week as the South and North prepare to hold talks for the first time since 2015. Using Predata anticipatory signals, the CSIS Beyond Parallel project has assessed that there is reduced risk of North Korean WMD activity in the near term.

And in Europe, there was a notable swing in attention to Italian Financial Risk, as both the anti-system populist 5-Star Movement and Silvio Burlusconi's right-wing Forza Italia both eased their opposition to the euro. The move perhaps makes the two market-unfriendly parties slightly more palatable to Italian voters, who, according to Predata signals, are increasingly concerned with socioeconomic division as the campaign for the March 4 elections heats up.

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