Iran: Domestic Politics Drive Nuclear Deal Posturing

President Rouhani's threat to scrap the nuclear deal was a well-timed political volley.


On August 15, President Rouhani threatened to withdraw from the P5+1 nuclear deal “within hours” should the United States impose further sanctions on Iran. A day before the statement, in a show of power, Ayatollah Khamenei named a slate of new, mostly conservative members to the Expediency Council, a high-level advisory body that mediates legislative disputes between Parliament and the Guardian Council. 

iran deep state

As shown above, Predata’s signal tracking attention to the Deep State institutions associated with Khamenei shot up after the Expediency Council announcement. The next day, Rouhani recaptured domestic attention with his nuclear deal statement -- effectively using a typical hardliner talking point to steal the conservatives' thunder.